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1 Day Better

Football Mom Clinic

Moms Clinic Following & pizza party, is following the conclusion of the football and cheerleader camp on Friday.


1 Day Better will host an event geared for mothers of youth and high school football players, or thinking about being football players, where we talk about the great game and the ongoing efforts of improving the safety for their children.

Moms arrive with their children and are treated to a pizza party in the cafeteria of Rogers and can participate in an "equipment room experience" and try on a helmet and shoulder pads.   Moms are then taken into the team meeting room to hear from special guest speaker and mother of University of Louisville's Sophmore Tight End Kieth Towbridge.

The event will be held at Rogers on Friday, April 25th from 5:30-Registration is free, but space is limited.  Mothers of children of any age athlete are encouraged to attend.

 Registrations are Open Now!

Thank you. You have registered for the 1 Day Better Football Mom's Clinic. -1DayBetter

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