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What is the Power Bootcamp about:

This a camp catered to 20 grade specific campers ranging from grades entering 4th - 8th. We will accept the 1st 20 campers in each age group to participate.

**This is a CoEd Camp**

Camp enrollment is first come first serve.

This camp in particular is intense, competitive, fun and encouraging. Each camp will leave with a new energy on how they approach the game of basketball. 

How are payments recieved?

You can pay for the camp with cash (it has to be at least 2 weeks before.) 


Your camper's spot is not secure until payment is received. 

You can pay with any major credit card or debit card. 

We also accept After Pay (follow the prompt in checkout.)

What will the lunch consist of:

Lunch is solely provided by you.

The camper can pack his or her lunch or you can purchase from our concession stands.

If you do not feel comfortable sending your child with money to the camp, feel free to prepay here on the website or the day before.

What is the format of the camp: 

Schedules will be out prior to camp starting. 

However to give you a better understanding...unlike your traditional camps who only have player at each station for 10- 15 minutes.


We are aiming to thoroughly get each camper to understand the why in what we do. Think of this camp as middle school.


Campers will be at each session intensely learning while getting lots of reps


What is the Attire:

Every Camper will receive a Full Set Game Jersey.

This Full Set of Jersey MUST BE WORN EVERYDAY (Tops & Bottom)

We' will encourage you to wash the jersey every 2 days unless in has deep stains. 

***Bring Basketball Shoes.***

Feel Free to wear Compressions or sports undergarments.

Does the camper need a ball:

Your basketball is not needed for this camp. 

Do Not Bring Your Ball

If your camper brings a ball and it is lost, we will not be responsible for the misplaced ball.

Can I bring my own water bottle:

Yes, it is encouraged to bring your own drinks.


We will have hydration stations set up all around the court.


What is the Evaluation.

each camper will be evaluated over the course of 8 days. Every Aspect of the game will be closely monitored and documents for each player to know what they can work on  after the camp. 

Are Guest welcome to sit and watch:

Yes, however all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

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