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The Day After

Being introduced to sports in a life full of chaos was the best thing that could have happened to me. Basketball is and was my sport of choice. I begin to live through that sport. Soon after choosing basketball, it became me and my life became that sport. For once in my life I could escape the daily trouble... the gangs, the poverty, the bullying, and even the worries. It helped (my life) that I was good at this sport. Basketball became my life. At the age of 12, I started playing basketball. It was fun, it was easy and most importantly I felt free from my issues. I worked hard at it. Whenever I could, where ever I could, with whoever wanted to get better, I would escape into basketball heaven. Basketball became my plan. My goal was to GO pro. But on this very particular day, a specific question resonated in my thoughts... "Are you prepared for life, when your goals/plans dont go the way you imagined ?"

To be continued...



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