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 McBrayer's mission is "to reach out to the community by being out in the community". In 2009 he organized a mentoring program (Boyz II Men) that reached out the young men in highly populated gang areas. The demand was high to reach out to all people of need which led him to creating 1 Day Better. His affiliation/experience with gangs along with both parents being on drugs, has been the achor to make changes in the lives of youth. Chris, is a graduate of Jesup W. Scott high, also studied Sociology at the University of Toledo. He is the youngest of 3 siblings. He is married to Shareese, and has a son named Cason and a daughter nameD Caylee.


Chris McBrayer previously served 3 1/2 years as youth Minister at Glass City Church of Christ (in the inner-city of Toledo). As the youth Minister, he directed  more than 50 young women and young men that were in high school and below and 20 young men and women between the ages of 18-22, providing not only spiritual but moral and intellectual guidance as well.


1 Day Better’s vision is to promote mental, spiritual, and physical progress in every avenue of life, along with promoting integrity, morals and character in the community with our five-fold targets: education, empowering, encouraging, equipping, and evolving, with aims of charity, coaching, and commission.


In the past five years 1 Day Better's recent involvement in the community are as following but not limited to: Sneakers 4 Souls Shoe Drive, which recieved and donated over 675 pair of shoes, OATH WEEK at the Youth Treatment Center, speaker for St. Joes of Slyvania, OH. (Positive Direction Week), coordinating the 100 city vigil for Trayvon Martin, keynote for Caanan Outreach Center program. Citywide LOCK-IN which had over 90 youth in attendance, annual "2 mile march/rally to stop youth violence" and also “The Closure" to bring peace in the community from the tragic summer of violence in concordance with Former Mayor Mike Bell and the City of Toledo.


1 Day Better's staff has a history of basketball, football, and track coaches, that enables us to provide excellecnt physical fit training. Along with educators that enables this organization to encourage limitless education. In regards to motivational speaking, 1 Day Better has spoken at numerous banquets, the 85th foundation's (NFL star Nate Washington) football camp, FCA camp (Fellowship for Christian Athletes) and a number of Toledo Public, Chater and Catholic Schools .

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